Deep Japan! Recommended Activity! If you travel to "shimanami" Onomichi Japan, Ukiyo-e printing experience workshop!

If you travel to "shimanami" Onomichi,

Why don't you go to relax a little bit to Kasaoka-city ?

Let's challenge ! Ukiyo-e printing experience workshop in Kasaoka-city.


Kasaoka-city is less than 1 hour from Onomichi

less than2 hours from Art island "Naoshima"(Uno)

1 hour from Okayama / 30 minutes from Kurashiki.


Only in japan !

Ukiyo-e printing experience workshop by all block printing !

Speaking of Ukiyo-e, "Great wave off Kanagawa" and "Red fuji" by Hokusai.

Why don't you feel the japanese culture by Ukiyo-e printing ws ?

Would you wont to challenge "Great wave off Kanagawa" or "Red fuji" ?

Let's get your Ukiyo-e prints by your printing.(^^)/


Click here for details ➡ Ukiyo-e printing experience workshop