Fun of woodcut prints

ukiyo-e printing

Fascination of woodcut printmaking.

Warmth of the Japanese washi-paper and warmth of the wood, Taste of chisel, Carving makes me forget the time, Gradation printing... It is the potential of representation that can not draw directly!

Let me show you how to japanese woodcut printmaking, the various technique of woodcut printmaking by reference to making two works, "Anthurium" and "Fujiyama". If this lecture can help your woodcut-life, I'm happy! (^^)/


Please note!

I'm not good at English. Please think me to be a kid and permit my broken English. Thank you very much for your generous-hearted mind. Also, I'm waiting inquiries. I'll respond with my broken English.


Printmaking two works "Anthurium" and "Fujiyama"

woodcut making







Multi-color decomposition method

Sectional method

Gradation printing tecniques : one color-gradation, mixed color-gradation etc.


woodcut making







Contrast : black and white

Taste of veiner, gouge, flat chisel

Block-gradation technique using flat chisel

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