Motion of baren, brush

Motion of brush

For example, suppose printing the block of such as the left image. (Grain of woodblock is assume through the transverse.) First, put the starch paste and the pigment on the block surface.

Spread while mixing the starch paste and the pigment on the block surface.

Once the starch paste and the pigment are riding on the block surface,  move brush at right angle to wood grain. That feeling is that gently prepares  pigments with a brush. Then, pigment will accumulate in front of the block surface(your bady). This pigment pool is " Tamari ". ( In the case of ukiyo-e, prepare the pigment by moving the brush in an upward direction . Because the spacing of the plate and the register "Kento" is very narrow. )


Finally, in order to remove the pigment pool " Tamari ", move the brush along the front edge of the plate surface. this is "Hakebarai".



Motion of baren

First, apply pressure in a pattern of zig-zag away from your's body. Longitudinal motion is not. Because, When holding the the Baren, the direction of the fibers of bamboo skin is made in the transverse direction. In addition, the movement of longitudinal direction is broken bamboo skin and shift the washi-paper setting.

Finally, press by rotary motion.







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