Gradation printing


Printing procedures is the order of 1,2,3,4 from the left in image.

1 a-block mixed gradation printing "Tukeawasebokasi"

2 b-block light pressure printing "Gomasuri"

3 c'-block light pressure printing "Gomasuri" 

4 c-block hard pressure printing "Betazuri"


Mixed gradation printing "Tsukeawasebokasi"

First, dampen to the block surface by giving a little bit water.

Then put the pigment on the block surface. And put the starch paste on the block surface.

Put the starch paste from yellow to red. Because, it can not mixing the starch paste and the pigment on the block surface.

Motion of Brush is a constant direction 





Then, red and yellow are mixed and it will be gradation. Pool of pigment





"Tamari” is removed with a cotton swab etc. Because, it is printing of two colors, can not do brush "Hakebarai”.

Fainally it is completed by hard pressure printing. (^^)/

This block has a small color-block surface and "Sarai" is large. It should be noted that the motion of Baren is not off color-block surface at the printing.

The other gradation printing

One-colore gradation "Katabokasi"

It is often seen in the ukiyo-e, one colore gradation of sky part, it is also said that "Ichimonjibokasi".

First, give the water on the range of gradation. Put the pigment and the starch paste on the plate surface.  Move the right angle brush to the direction to gradate by reciprocating motion.

It was finished in hard presser printing! (^^)/

In other words, one colore gradation is that mixed color gradation of pigment and water.





One-colore gradation seen in Ukiyo-e "Fukibokasi"

In the gradation printing of ukiyo-e, use the japanese towel "Tenugui" when give water to the plate surface. Wet towel gives water by wiping the plate surface. It can dampen the plate surface evenly. Wiping gradation??? (^^)/







No-block gradation "Atenasibokasi"

I’m happy!

One block

No-block gradation


"Atenasibokasi" no-block gradation is that does not rely the block. There is only a block of the image size.








First, it gives the water in the range want to gradation. Then put the pigment and the starch paste on the plate surface. Move the brush to sweep the paint toward the center as the image.

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